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It's WINTER! Why garden now?!!?

Actually, there are a few things you can do in preparation for spring:

- Pot up those geranium cuttings in perlite or soil-less mixture and place close under artificial light; keep evenly moist.

- Regularly check stored tubers and corms to see that they don't become completely dry.

- Clean houseplant foliage regularly with a soft damp cloth; use an old clean toothbrush on fuzzy leaves.

- Buy gardening-related gifts this year - such as a membership to the Calgary Horticultural Society!

- Study the (mostly) naked bones of your garden for form and balance. Make plans for next year's garden projects.

- Look for trees and shrubs in the landscape that look good in winter, or attract birds with berries or seeds.

- Send for seed and plant catalogues.

- Read all those gardening books & magazines you don't have time for in summer.

- Remember the birds; keep feeders clean and filled.

- Shovel snow onto flower beds and stockpile along basement walls - you will need it for cover during our Chinooks.

- Keep composting those kitchen scraps (but skip the potato peelings).

- By the end of January, begin pruning woodies (but not birch, maple, or shrubs that flower on last year's growth).

- Calgary Gardening, Dec/Jan 2000
Calgary Horticultural Society

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